Support Group

I learned early on that having support is incredibly important to living a healthy and fulfilled life while also living with Bipolar Disorder. The number of people I knew who had Bipolar Disorder when I was diagnosed was 0. Even now, 7 months later, the number of people I know physically who live with this disorder is 1. 

Being able to reach out and connect with those who understand what I'm going through, both physically and mentally, is a key component to me remaining stable. 

Emergency Contacts

If you are in immediate danger or at risk for suicide, please reach out to those trained to help you best. Suicidal thoughts are temporary - suicide is permanent. 

Online Support

Whenever we can't be there for each other physically, we should all reach out and strive to help those we can reach. Sometimes just knowing others out there understand and feel the pain and frustration can make a difference in pushing through the different poles of bipolar disorder. 


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