A Perfect Failure

My name is Sandra Lee and my journey with the Bipolar II Disorder diagnosis has been a difficult one. A perfect failure is centered around my experiences with Bipolar II Disorder. My journey began long before my diagnosis though I wasn't officially diagnosed until November 2017. 

Mania/hypomania is symbolized through perfection. Mania eludes an intensity that few "normal" people will ever understand. It's inspiring and irritating all at the same time. It's suffocating but breeds grandiose and spontaneity. It's the perfect mind game.

Depression is symbolized through failure. Failure in every direction we go in life. Failure to cope with our illness, the inability to "brush off" our sadness and despair. Failure with work, school, friends and family. It beats everyone in its path down. Breakdowns, decay, frustration, no where to turn and no where to hide.

Since Day 1, I have researched and engulfed myself in every possible avenue for new information and ideas on how to manage this disorder successfully. The journey to a stable life can be a long one with exclusion and little support. In spreading awareness and offering a helping hand, I hope to break the stigma associated with Bipolar Disorder and show the world we are more than just a diagnosis.



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